Trusts & Estates

Allow us to assist you with the accounting requirements of a trust, which are often complicated and overwhelming.

Trusts can be confusing if not downright intimidating. There are many different types of trusts with many different purposes, which dictate the basic provisions for the required accounting. Fachner Accounting Group understands that fulfilling the accounting requirements of a trust can be a complicated and overwhelming ordeal.

Our objective is to alleviate your ‘trust intimidation’. We realize that, as a trustee or executor, you are outside of your element. The time commitment is significant, the terminology is confusing, the family relationships are strained and the fee (if any) is insufficient. We have extensive experience providing the bookkeeping and accounting for trusts of all types and can help you work through these issues.

As part of your team, we work closely with the family, trustee or executor and the estate-planning attorney to:
• Facilitate proper accounting and tax compliance
• Prepare any necessary trust or estate tax return forms
• Prepare required fiduciary accounting for beneficiaries and courts
• Act as trustee

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